Faculty researchers subject their output for critiquing

by: Flordeliza P. Torrico | December 06, 2017

After the thorough input of Dr. Padua to the eager participants, they were given ample time to prepare their outputs. On the second day of the huddle, July 31, 2017, participants’ output were evaluated by Dr. Padua.

First to present was Ramonito Y. Tan, SDSSU Faculty, who talked about the awareness of the Local Stakeholders toward the Conservation of the Philippines Tarsier in Adlay, Surigao del Sur. On his presentation, he stressed that Education and public awareness programs are critical to achieving success on any conservation programs.

The second representative was Raymond F. Gabica, ASSCAT Faculty, who presented their group output on “Utilization of Waste Paper Added with Supplementary Materials for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation”. In his presentation, he highlighted that increasing the ratio of rice husk within the substrate accelerated spawn running, pin head and fruit body formation, which will result to increased mushroom yields.

Levi A. Corvera, the last representative from SSCT featured the importance of understanding indigenous people’s culture as one of the factors in economic empowerment of a community. After the presentation, Dr. Padua imparted insights and suggestions for the improvement of their outputs. He reminded that everyone in any research endeavor, it is important to consider the general concepts rather than the details to make the topic generic and inclusive to accomdate various types of readers.