Dr. Padua Urges Faculty To Be Productive In Research

by: Flordeliza P. Torrico | December 06, 2017

“Faculty should not only be trained, but rather, they should also be productive in research”, Dr. Roberto N. Padua, resource speaker, emphasized during the first day of Seminar-workshop on Dummy Tables and Simulated Data at Libona Bukidnon on July 31 - August 2, 2017. 

SDSSU spearheaded its monthly activity on research capability- building with other SUCs in CARAGA viz, SSCT and ASSCAT.

On the first day of the seminar-workshop, Dr. Maria Lady Sol A. Suazo acknowledged the various participants.

This was followed by the statement of purpose which was to acquire and to learn the basic principles related on dummy tables and its importance on research. This was delivered by the ASSCAT Research Director Dr. Carmello S. Llanto. The SSCT Research Director, Dr. Alicia Z. Maghuyop, introduced the resource speaker as a man of brilliance and wisdom. 

During the actual seminar-workshop, Dr. Padua revealed the different strategies on creating dummy tables. Difference also between the terms analysis and interpretations was given emphasis since most of the faculty members were not able to fully extrapolate the distinctions between such concepts. Dr. Padua stressed that analysis is on giving facts while interpretation is on giving opinion about the under covered facts. Furthermore, he accentuated that interpretation should always be separated with the conclusion because the latter is more on how the findings could be linked from the theoretical lens from which the research is anchored.  

In the end, Dr. Padua filled the participants with significant learnings that enhanced their knowledge and skills in producing good research output.