Manual Revision Jump-starts With Dr. Padua

by: Jennilyn Doloriel | December 06, 2017

The alignment of the research operation to the current administration roadmap has become a salient requisite for the Office to materialize the Vision and Mission of the University. 

Impetus to the manual revision are the innovation and the current practices that need to be put in place such that the SDSSU academic community will have a clear direction on its research endeavors. To this end, the Committee to take charge of the revision headed to Libona, Bukidnon last September 20-22, 2017. The team was divided into work and critic groups. The former included research coordinators and research heads across the system; while the critic group involved the Deans/representatives and the Campus Directors. On the first day, a prolific discussion on the essential components to be included in the revised manual transpired through the adept mentorship of the research expert, Dr. Roberto N. Padua. He emphasized that the disciplinal approach must be respected; thus, there is no need to establish a uniform format for all the discipline; hence, the content of the revised manual centered on the research operations of the University. 

On the second day, the Critic Group gave their comments on the output of the work group. The work group presented their output and they were given suggestions by the latter and by Dr. Padua. All the suggestions were ardently taken for it to be embedded on the final huddle of the group for the research manual finalization.