To the members of the SDSSU family; the Key Officials, faculty, staff, students and Stakeholders, warm greetings of felicitations to all of you.

My heart is filled with jubilation as I stand here to celebrate with you our 7th year University hood. This day is a manifestation that this Institution is built upon the concerted efforts of the man and woman of this very Organization who labored with all their heart to bring this University where it is now. Thus, coming together on this occasion makes us both proud and nostalgic because anniversaries make us reflect and relive on the memories of the yesteryear's that served as the bedrock of SDSSU’s significant milestones.

Today, it is but fitting that we look back to see how the collective efforts of the key officials through the assistance of our very indulging Vice President for Academic Affairs, together with the very enduring support of the  Deans and the Assistant Deans alongside the dedicated faculty who gave so much of their time in order to realize the Mission Statement of our beloved University;

We also acknowledge with great respect the concerted efforts put together by the administrative personnel headed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance together with the Budget, Accounting, Registrar and Student Services who painstakingly labored even beyond office hours which in turn resulted to the total number of graduates in mandated and priority course of about One Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Three (1,563) graduates in six (6) campuses.

But our target was One Thousand Six Hundred (1,600).  Our accomplishment is below the target.  This decrease can be attributed to the strengthening of Quality Assurance measures including the admission and retention policies, especially in the board programs which cannot be compromised.  In one of the campuses, the graduates of October 2015 were erroneously included in the targeting for 2016.  But our rating still is 97.68%.

Let us also examine the percentage of graduates who finished their academic programs according to the prescribed time frame.  The data shows in six (6) campuses, is One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Two (1,172) or 74.98%, but our target is 75% of the graduate will finish their academic program.  So our accomplishment is still very high that is 99.97%.  Our accomplishment is 0.03% below the Target.  This can be attributed to quality education.  As observed, campuses with level 3 and level 2 accredited programs produce lower result in this indicator.

But poverty can be also a factor since most of the students come from economically disadvantaged families of the Province.  Such factor including the quality measures imposed leads to the incidence of dropouts and failure on the part of student to continue and finish their program on time.  (Slide- Report on Dropout by year level by campus)

Quality Assurance is one of the good practices of the University.  Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) is our service provider since we started Program Accreditation.  This is led by the Director for Quality Assurance together with her team whose members are spread across the campuses.  For level 1 our accomplishment is 85.71%, level 2 is 100% accomplishment, and another 100% accomplishment for level 3.  The percentage of accredited programs total number of Programs (level 3, level 2, and level 1) is 95.83%.

Let’s proceed with the percentage of graduates engaged in employment within 6 months after graduation.  This data is coming only from the Graduate Studies and we have a 100% employment rate.  Most of the graduates in advanced studies were already employed in the government particularly in the DepEd and local government units prior to the completion of the program.

Research as one of the mandates of the State University has also significantly contributed to the distinct breakthroughs of this Institution. It has been mandated that a University such as ours should have at least 20% of the faculty be engaged in research activity.  This includes writing proposal, implementations, and actual conduct of the project, presentation of result to international, national, regional, and local fora.

Research Publication is the output of the research, and the Industry using the output is the outcome of a research project.  Our accomplishment for the number of research studies completed 67 with our target of 56 having an accomplishment of 119.6%.  Accomplishment is above the target.  This accomplishment reflects only the completed research studies in 2016.

May I reiterate that research is one of the determinants of SDSSU to maintain the University status.  As your President, I strongly encourage that research culture should be viewed as a way of life.  More so that, a number of our linkages are research institutions to include DSWD, DILG, DAR, DOST, PhilRice, PNRI, NIA, BFAR, and etc.  Further, our Research Journal is CHED-Accredited journal in International Category.

For all the accomplishments of the Research Unit, I would like to acknowledge the leadership of the Director for research services including the heads and faculty researchers, and convey my congratulations for the toil that you have continuously afforded this University and for ardently embracing the task as your priority.

Another is Research and Development. The development side, our strategy for us to have our projects be registered to IPO as Potential invention or have its trademark.  Our Tangible accomplishment is that our University logo is now a registered trademark.

At this point, we are further directing our researchers to widen academic perspectives that focus on attaining food security, supporting poverty alleviation, developing renewable energy, and conserving natural environment as part of the roadmap of my administration.

Extension is another mandate of the University.  Technically, Extension Services shall come after the researchers have developed a mature technology ready for implementation.  On the part of SDSSU, we started the programmatic extension services to address the vision of the University.  These include poverty alleviation through the establishments of livelihood programs for income generations.

We counted our accomplishment on the persons trained which at the moment has reached 14,095.50, and this accomplishment is above the target.  This increase can be attributed to the sourced out fund and partnership with other agencies for the conduct of extension training and technical advisory activities in the adopted barangays and depressed areas of the Province.

Our tangible project which is soaring high is the “Laswitan” a tourist destination located at Cortes, Victoria Pasalubong and others.  Another important project that we are looking anticipating for is the implementation of our Fishery Program funded by CHED thru NAFES in the amount of 7.0 Million.  This is from “Technology to Community Project”.

More on Extension evaluation, on Technology training and Advisory services by the stakeholder, data shows that we are rated 100%.  Accomplishment is below the target.  But it can be noted that there is a marked increase of 22% in the number of clients who evaluated the training's and activities conducted last 2016 based. We therefore acknowledge with thankfulness the labor exerted by the Director for Extension, all the Extension heads and coordinators for their passion and dedication on the Extension pursuits of our University.

In the aspect of Physical Facilities Development, as of today, we have nine (9) Science Buildings to be inaugurated.  These facilities will be used for science and research programs.  I would like to thank all the implementer, the campus directors, Technical experts (engineers) for this very responsive project.  This year, we have 60.0 Million more or less GAA funds for the 10,800 students of the university.  This includes affordable dormitories and additional classrooms to cater to our growing clienteles.

For the support services of the University, the Finance and Administration likely supported the faculty and staff in terms of Faculty Development, Student development, and Extension and Research Services. The unequivocal diligence and commitment of the Administrative Personnel through the steadfast headship of the VP for Administration and Finance have paved for the number of incentives and awards given and the CNA and bonuses released which have been enjoyed by all members of this community.

Thus, today with the capsule of this University’s accomplishments over the years, I am profoundly honored to be celebrating with you our 7th Charter Day Celebration. Today, we pat each other’s back as we commend ourselves for all our significant endeavors which paved to the various recognition's that this University has achieved.

As we continue to aspire for the convictions of this Institution, let us be a fountain of inspiration to each other and to our clienteles; let our hearts be filled with determination and love for our vocation; let us not be complacent with mediocre results; let us always strive for excellence for this has been the legacy of those who walked these halls before us, and this will also be our legacy to those who will come after us. Let us embrace the challenges with great courage in our pursuit for excellence. Today, we have the chance to recount the humble beginnings of this Academic Institution, and we also pay tribute to all those who have given their share so that this University will earn its name.

It is truly an honor to be serving this very remarkable community; and so, to all of you, be it faculty or support staff, accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for making SDSSU an academic institution that soars high with pride; thank you for your full commitment as you strive to improve the services that we offer our dear students as we build for them a learning environment that fosters lifelong values that will stand the test of time.

Mabuhay SDSSU! Mabuhay Tayong lahat!

I love you all!