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Surigao del Sur State University (SDSSU), formerly Surigao del Sur Polytechnic State College (SSPSC), is composed of six campuses strategically located in the Province of Surigao del Sur. It achieved its status as a university through Republic Act 9998 signed on February 22, 2010. The leadership of its dynamic President, Dr. Remegita C. Olvida, and the dedication and commitment of its faculty and staff and other stakeholders for quality tertiary education and excellence all played a key role on the conferment of the status of a state university to the institution after 28 years of existence. The history of the University dates back to 1982 when Bukidnon State College opened their extension in Tandag known as the Bukidnon External Studies Center. In 1992, it became the Surigaodel Sur Polytechnic College. The creation of the College integrated four DECS-supervised schools in the municipalities of Cagwait, Tagbina, Lianga, and Tago. Six years later in 1998, the College earned the status of being a state college by virtue of Republic Act 8628. In 2000, the Surigaodel Sur Institute of Technology (SSIT) in Cantilan became the fifth satellite campus of the University.


The university shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in trade, fishery, agriculture, science, education, commerce, engineering, forestry, nautical courses and other related fields. It shall also undertake research and extension services and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization (RA 9998, Section 2).

Vision, Mission


A leading "Glocal" University with widened academic perspectives that focus on attaining food security, supporting poverty alleviation, developing renewable energy and conserving natural environment.


SDSSU shall provide competency-based higher education training driven by relevant and responsive instruction, research, extension and sustainable resource management.


  • Higher and Advanced Education Services
  • Research Services
  • Technical Advisory and Extension Services

University Seal

sdssu logo
Desription of the Seal

The seal conveys an appropriate emblem that speaks the personality of the university whose concentration of instruction focuses on business and technical/vocational training of students. In further conveys sense of prominence being the one to personify the attributes of the school as the pioneering state University in the Province of Surigao del Sur.


The seal depicts the big ring that reads: Surigao Del Sur State University or SDSSU. The ring insures the continuity of strong volunteer leadership of the University. The SDSSU comprises six campuses namely: Tandag, Lianga, Cagwait, San Miguel, Tagbina and Cantillan which provide different degree programs. The ring serves as a bridge between the University and the world, bringing experience and perceptions gained outside the University.


The shield represents the University’s Educational purposes, its mission and vision. It is quartered into different courses offered by the University or SDSSU. The upper right shows the gear which indicates courses offered in Tandag such as Graduate Studies, Engineering, HRM, and Computer Science. The lower right shows an image of Leaf and Tree which represent Agriculture and Forestry in San Miguel Campus and Agri-Business and Commercial Sciences in Tagbina Campus and displays Fish and Water symbolizing Fisheries and Aquamarine courses offered in Lianga Campus. The upper left shows an image for applied Sciences and Medical courses. The left quadrant contains T-Square and Ruler that symbolizes Trades and Industrial Arts courses offered in Cantilan and Cagwait Campuses.


The seal is set in sky-blue (as the official logo color) which stands for faithful courage among SDSSU teaching forces, students, administration and staff.

Open Book

The open book symbolizes knowledge offered by the University.

Torch and Laurel

The torch is the guiding light in the SDSSU community. The Laurel proclaims jubilant victory over global challenges faced by the SDSSU graduates.

University Hymn



LYRICIST: Prof Evelyn T. Bagood
Composer: Rex L. Ingotan
Music Arranger: Demeiboy T. Rosales

Hail! Oh our greatest pride, SDSSU
Hail! Oh our greatest pride
Surigao del Sur State University

The golden seeds of your education
Now spread to serve mankind
With labor, love and true dedication
Your name and splendor sublime

For thy honor and thy noble mission
Our hearts and mind sound resound
The virtues you adhere you carry on SDSSU our home

Hail! Oh our greatest pride, SDSSU
Your light guide SDSSU our loyalty reside
Here our loyalty resides!