SDSSU applies for Balik Scientist Program of DOST

by: Maria Lady Sol A. Suazo | December 06, 2017

As an initiative of the Philippine government for its growth and expansion necessities, the Balik Scientist Program (BSP) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) was established which seeks to encourage highly-trained overseas Filipino scientists and technologists, experts, and professionals to return to the Philippines and share their expertise for the hastening of the scientific, agro-industrial and economic development of the country. 

To this effect, SDSSU has taken advantage of this opportunity. It has particularly eyed Dr. Alejandro F. Tongco for his expertise on Geographic Information System.

As a premier Higher Education Institution, SDSSU is hard-pressed to advance scientific research that promotes economic progress and environmental sustainability in the Province of Surigao del Sur. However, SDSSU is technologically-disadvantaged because it is geographically dispersed.

In its endeavor to build a capable lineup of scientific researchers and its desire to keep abreast with modern and innovative technologies to empower itself with emergent analytical techniques, SDSSU is applying for DOST’s Balik Scientist Program, specifically on geographic information system. 

Dr. Tongco, a GIS research specialist formerly with Oklahoma State University, possesses advanced technical skills in GIS and substantial experience in the academe. With this undertaking, it is highly deemed that SDSSU will be able to add more value on its research undertakings for the development needs of the Institution and the Provinces as a whole.