Celebrating the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

by: SDSSU | September 06, 2021

Celebrating the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

Celebrating the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary. SDSSU/NEMSU conducts simultaneous Flag Raising Ceremony and Renewal of Oath participated by 7 satellite campuses.

Mabuhay ang mga Lingkod Bayani!


Message for 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

Dr. Baceledes R.Estal

     At the onset, I would like to greet each public servant of Surigao del Sur State University a HAPPY 121st Philippine Civil Service AnniversaryThis year’s theme speaks of “Transforming Public Service in the next Decade Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servants Heroes.”

     As the great Mahatma Ghandi said that the best way to lose ourselves is to find ourselves in the service of others. This year’s celebration is special because each of you, the administrators, faculty, and staff has gone the extra mile due to the pandemic that has challenged our operations due to the limitations of face to face transactions. Hence, our theme speaks of your efforts to be swift, active, and innovative despite the trials that threaten to derail us. Indeed, being a public servant gives us the platform to serve our stakeholders, and we have that oath that no matter what comes our way, we have to serve the community with dignity, integrity, enthusiasm, passion, and sustained vision.

     I thank you all because even with the current situation that puts us into so much limitations, as public servants, you took the task at hand with extraordinary sacrifices and ardent devotion so that our students will still have the quality education they deserve even if modalities of teaching and other services have abruptly changed. 

     Nobody knows how long this phase of virus coexistence will persist. The world after lockdown, on the other hand, is a very different place. Our stakeholders are counting on us to lead them through the months, if not years, of uncertainty ahead. In this unpredictable times, we've had to increase our flexibility and adaptability in order to provide great outcomes for both external and internal stakeholders. In this unprecedented time, I applaud your efforts and encourage you to stay loyal to your mission as public servants. Though times have become exhausting and quite demanding, always consider to bring innovation into your workplace – no matter what your work is whether an administrator, professor, instructor, or a support staff. Stay focus on your tasks know what they are and get them done with a spirit of excellence and zeal.

     Many changes in the academic community were accelerated by the pandemic. While it has a negative influence, our adaptability and future-ready talents are indicators of beneficial results. You can build on this momentum. Meeting the needs of our clienteles means harnessing the power of transformative responses to make a lasting difference in the community. Most of all, as public servants, we have to proactively be supportive of each other, because in our togetherness, there are so many things we can attain and overcome, but in our division, there will be little that we can accomplish.

     Today as we renew our oath as public servants, let us be inspired by the words of the famous British prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. With this, I say, with whatever opportunity we have as public servants, let us work with a happy heart, do the job well, commit and devote ourselves to service despite deploring adversities.  This will be our permanent tribute to SDSSU/NEMSU and all its stakeholders. Mabuhay tayong mga Lingkod Bayan! Mabuhay ang SDSSU!