I. Agency's mandate and functions; names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

II. Annual Financial Reports

A. Budget Accountbility Report


First Quarter Second Quarterr Third Quarterr Fourth Quarterr
- FAR NO 1 - FAR NO 1 - FAR 1 - FAR 1
- FAR NO 1-A - FAR 1-A - FAR 1-A - FAR 1-A
- FAR NO 2 - FAR NO.2 - FAR NO.2 - FAR NO.2
- FAR NO 2-A - FAR NO.2-A - FAR NO.2-A - FAR NO.2-A
  - FAR NO.3 - FAR NO.3 - FAR NO.3
- FAR NO 4 - FAR NO.4 - FAR NO.4 - FAR NO.4
- FAR NO 4-A - FAR NO 4-A - FAR NO.4 - FAR NO.4
- FAR NO 5 - FAR NO 5 - FAR NO.5 - FAR NO.5



III. DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets for FY 2020.

IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation for FY 2020. (Not Applicable)

V. FY 2020 Annual Procurement plan

FY 2021 Procurement  Monitoring Report (PMR)

FY 2020 Procurement  Monitoring Report (PMR)

FY 2019 Procurement  Monitoring Report (PMR)

FY 2018 Procurement  Monitoring Report (PMR)

FY 2017 Procurement  Monitoring Report (PMR)

VI. QMS ISO Certification

A. Screenshot of Emails and Messages to NQA

B. SDSSU ISO Plan FY2020-2021

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units for FY 2020 PBB

VIII. The Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disclosures

A. SALN Review Certification FY2020

B. SALN Review Certification FY2019

IX. People’s Freedom to Information